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09-10/50 photos of Emilia Clarke

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“Wait, am I this big fat ugly person with fat thighs and people think I’m like that? I think of myself as fine. I feel like I’m constantly receiving backhanded compliments about the show, and I never know how to respond. My show is a reflection of how I feel. I have a nice dating life, and nice boyfriends. And on the show, the kind of guys I date are reflected of my real life—Max Greenfield, Seth Rogen. I don’t think it’s weird I’m dating them. It’s not Beauty and the Beast. But its such a weird thing to talk about. I don’t want to get defensive. And you get into dangerous territory of accidentally seeming like I think I’m so hot or something. I love that I have an impact that makes girls feel better about themselves. But—I love Andy Samberg and I feel jealous he doesn’t have to answer those kind of questions.”

Mindy Kaling answering the same question she is always asked about stereotypical beauty (via christmessina)

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The perfect amount of glimmer. 

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The perfect amount of glimmer. 


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